Hologram security industry

    China hologram printing technology might be the most active and fast growing market. we got team have rich experience in hologram film industry, which cove hologram master shim making, chemical for all hologram application, machinery for hologram film production, and other accessories in this industry.. more.....


It cover process like rewinding, paper sheeting, printing ect.

Master design

Hologram pattern design combine with latest technology like one-step stereogram, matrix writer, E beam technology. We can supply master shim as well as work shim.

Lamination process

It's for paper to film, film to aluminum lamination, also can do hologram transfer on paper


Hologram embossing cover soft embossing, hard embossing, seamless embossing, Our knowhow for this process can help our customer produce most stable and high quality product


We can supply all chemical and testing equipment for electroforming system, so our client can get high quality shim with less cost

Coating process

We got rich experience team from coating process, chemical, machinery for hologram industry